Read NetCDF files in R

I recently help someone who needed some help with manipulating NetCDFs. I thought I would share the document I put together for him in case someone else has similar needs. Enjoy.

To read NetCF files with R, the package ncdf or ncdf4 is required. So make sure it is installed. The remainder of the document will assume ncdf4 is installed. As an example a wind speed NetCDF file will be read.

Let's load the ncdf4 package and load a netcdf file

Convert a MODFLOW model file to a VTK file

The R code "Convert a Modflow file to VTK" will be presented with a practical example. It is assumed that the user is familiar with the MODFLOW code. VTK is an opensource 3D visualization file format. Converting a MODFLOW model to VTK allows it to be visualized in 3D without the need for commercial softwares.

Read an ESRI shapefile easily in R

Helloooo folks,

This blog has been silent for sometime, hopefully this is going to change smiley. I'm going to present a small function that makes reading shapefiles in R very easy. Over the years I've seen plenty of questions on how to read shapefiles in R and I've noticed that it can be confusing for some, at least it was for me. Get the code here

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